Emotions Display Pictures

Emotions Display Pictures

This program will add more emotions to your MSN chats
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Emotions Display Pictures will add 12 pictures that will allow you to express different feelings in your MSN Messenger. These pictures exhibit emotions of happiness, sadness, excitement, confusion, agreement, and some other feelings. You will find all these pictures downloaded to a special folder on your computer.

One of the main weak points of this program is that it only integrates with MSN Messenger 6, 7, and 7.5 by default. In newer versions of MSN Messenger you will have to use the "create emotions" option - choosing the desired emotion from the folder created by the program and typing a shortcut key for this emotion to add it to your emotion pictures set. You will, however, most likely be unable to add these emotion pictures to other instant messengers.

Still, users of MSN Messenger can surely benefit from this program, since it enhances conversations with emotions - making whatever one wants to say clearer and friendlier. In a sense, even though the pictures look very cartoonish, the program makes chatting more human.

Marian Zaky
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The program's available on Software Informer but it's discontinued on the developer's site

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  • Nice pictures


  • This emotions are not animated
  • Only for MSN Messenger
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